News 2 investigates parking meter enforcement around federal building

parking meter

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A News 2 viewer asked us to get answers about why some cars are allowed to park outside the Federal Building on Eight Avenue South and Broadway all day without being ticketed.

The cars are parked at meters with a two-hour parking limit and the meters show expired.

Further down, there is a section marked loading zone. According to a parking enforcement officer, that area should only be used by drivers who are actively loading and unloading items at the federal building.

News 2 went to the parking lot at 8:30 a.m. Thursday to see what cars were parked in the designated spaces.

More than two hours later, News 2 returned and found more than a half dozen cars still parked at expired parking meters.

Many of them did not have parking tickets.

News 2 checked with the Federal General Service Administration, which is the department that maintains the federal building and property surrounding it.

A spokeswoman referred reporter Joseph Pleasant to Nashville’s Public Works department.

Public works cited TCA 55-21-105(a), which states:

“No state agency, county, city, town or other municipality or any agency thereof shall exact any fee for parking on any street or highway or in any metered parking space or in parking lots municipally owned or leased, or both municipally owned and leased, or a parking place owned or leased, or both owned and leased, by a municipal parking utility or authority.”

Public works said that means drivers with a valid handicapped placard or license plate cannot be ticketed for parking at an expired meter.

A couple of drivers at the federal building also said the main parking problem at the building is not enough designated handicap spaces.

There is only one marked along the block of spots.

“They need to have more spaces to park and closer because even when you go into the building you still have so far to walk,” Valerie Jackson said. “I am handicapped and there weren’t any more spaces.”

Vincent Gilliard parked in the loading zone for more than a half an hour. He told News 2 he comes to the federal building at least twice a month.

“Right along here it is always packed,” he said. “Me, personally, I think they need to take all of these [parking spots] and make them handicapped.”

Metro Public Works sent out a parking enforcement officer to double check all of the cars to make sure they were legally parked.

He told News 2 he recognizes most of the cars in the parking lot from daily parking.

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