Guns in parks changes explored on Capitol Hill

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The issue of guns in parks probably isn’t going away anytime soon on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill.

Democrats brought together a group of individuals ranging from business to concerned moms to law enforcement with each raising questions about the new law.

“Not only is it bad law for the city of Franklin, but it’s poorly written and hard to understand,” said Shauna Billingsley who is city attorney of Franklin, TN.

A rural sheriff put guns in parks in terms of crossfire.

“We got a bad guy in the middle of the room with a weapon, we have all of us around the table and we start shooting, how many people are going to be injured or killed?” asked Franklin County Sheriff Tim Fuller.

The group is targeting the majority of Republican lawmakers who are supportive.

“It’s challenging for their caucus because one of their constituencies is the NRA,” said Sen. Lee Harris who the minority leader in the Senate.

The idea of changing the guns in parks law is not shared by powerful Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey.

“It’s not confusing,” he told News 2. “The issue that some private entity could not ban, that is not confusion, it was in the bill to begin with.”

Republican House Speaker Beth Harwell is going nowhere near the issue because confusion led to vote against the measure.

“I don’t know if I could lead the charge, someone much more knowledgeable than myself would have to,” she added.

Changing guns in parks would be no easy task for Tennessee Democrats.

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