Gallatin looks to turn the volume up

GALLATIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – On a given weekend at Awedaddy’s there’s food, people and music turning up Gallatin. While enjoyed by many, some locals are saying the noise is just too much.

Gallatin’s ordinance says the noise level on weekend nights can’t read above 65 decibels on someone’s property, but some residents say they can still hear the music.

“On the weekends when the music starts, it’s very stressful. We can hear the bass booming, we can hear a lot of curse words,” said Susan Oliver.

Other neighbor’s describe the noise as “very low” and say it doesn’t bother them. Some even said they like the music.

The difference of opinion has created a divide in the lakefront neighborhood across from Awedaddy’s.

A petition on has over 500 signatures from people who want to keep the decibel and music level where it is. Erica Herron, the creator of the petition said “Music is a big part of this area and if people can stay local and help Gallatin grow… That’s huge for us.”

Awedaddy’s owners say they built an insulated amphitheater for their musicians but the complaints keep coming. “We’ve only had two households complain in the four years that we’ve had this ongoing situation. We’ve done everything the city has asked us to do,” said Owener Vern Benke.

A vote will take place on August 18 to either lower or keep the noise level. If the city council approves the change, it will be the third time the noise ordinance has been changed in three months.

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