Antioch theater to reopen Monday after attack during ‘Mad Max’ showing

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Antioch movie theater has taken “Mad Max: Fury Road” off their schedule after a man attacked three people during a showing of the movie last week.

The cinema reopened its doors Monday night but the “Mad Max” film was noticeably missing.

Theater managers told News 2 they discontinued the movie and also beefed up security to help their patrons feel safe.

Last Wednesday afternoon, police say 29-year-old Vincente Montano walked into the theater with pepper spray and a hatchet. According to police, Montano attacked three people before firing an airsoft gun at police. SWAT officers shot and killed Montano, who died at the scene.

Betty Abbott says she almost didn’t go to the theater with her husband to see the movie “San Andreas.”

“I’m just fearful,” she said. “But it’s just reality, being out. Anything could happen. It could happen at Kroger, it could happen anywhere.”

People who live near the Antioch theater said they were relieved to see people back at the cinema.

“I think it’s good for the community,” said resident Diane Kirwen. “I think the attack was just an isolated incident.”

Others told News 2 they want the opportunity to protect themselves inside the theater.

“We should be able to carry guns in there,” said Troy McCullough. “If the bad guys got them, maybe we should do.”

According to a security officer, the theater remains a gun-free zone.

News 2 asked for an update from Metro police about Montano’s motive. Officers say they don’t know why the 29-year-old attacked but are continuing to investigate.

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