Joint committee meeting to decide on arming servicemen

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A lone gunman opened fire in Chattanooga killing four marines and one sailor just one week ago.

That attack rocked the state and the nation, bringing into question whether servicemen and women working in recruitment centers should be armed.

Weapons are prohibited and servicemen are not armed at the recruitment center in Murfreesboro. State law makers are working to change that.

Senator Jim Tracy told News 2 Thursday a joint committee made of various state officials will meet to “assess the state’s security status and review directives taken by Governor Bill Haslam to protect service members in military installations.”

That meeting will take place on Tuesday, August 11.

A group of citizen volunteers with carry permits and hand guns are guarding the recruitment center, since they can’t protect themselves.

Tim Guy, the organizer of the group, said “Operation Warrior Guard” is “out here doing what our government won’t do.”

Tracy is the chairman of the transportation and safety committee that oversees Homeland Security and the Department of Safety. Tracy said it doesn’t make sense that soldiers can fight for our freedom overseas, but not protect themselves here at home.

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