Franklin company creates putters for champions


FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – As the British open came to an exciting end in Scotland on Monday, here across the pond, a Franklin company started to get very busy.

That company is hoping to turn the short game into long term success.

Johnson’s win at the British open is one for the ages. The champion graces the cover of the latest Golfweek magazine, but if you look closer, you’ll see the other star of this epic performance: his putter.

SeeMore putters CEO Jim Grundberg said Zach Johnson “let the putter do the talking on Monday” on his way to his win in one of golf’s biggest Majors.

SeeMore putters

Other golfers are listening.

From a small warehouse in Franklin, Tennessee, they’re sending out SeeMore putters as fast as they can box them up.

Ted Gallina, a SeeMore Putter instructor, says a barrage of orders since Johnson’s win has the company working overtime this weekend to get them all filled.

What makes this little company’s putter so special? The concept, as we learned from instructor Cody Hale is simple.

“Its got the two white lines and the red dot and its got the black bottom portion of the shaft so when you look down it looks like a gun sight, we call it rifle scope technology… so when that’s set down and you don’t see the red dot, then you know the putter is square to your set up.”

From a small warehouse in Franklin, Tennessee, they’re sending out SeeMore putters as fast as they can box them up.

That set-up is key to a successful short game, just like calling Tennessee home is key for Grundberg and his company.

“For us to be a Tennessee brand and a Tennessee company has been fantastic and we wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

Now Jim and his staff just have to get all of these championship putters shipped out to the rest of the world.

“We like to say that everyone who uses a see more putter believes they are the best putter in the world. And now we say one of them really is.”

SeeMore doesn’t have a sponsorship deal with Zach Johnson, he is sponsored by several other golf companies, but several years ago he chose SeeMore’s putter as his putter of choice and has stuck with it ever since.

That says a lot for the product made right in Middle Tennessee.

For more information on a fitting to purchase a SeeMore putter, click here.

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