If offered Metro job, Dr. Looney expected to make decision by Friday

Dr. Mike Looney

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – After naming Dr. Mike Looney as their pick for the open Metro Director of Schools position, the school board is paying a visit to the Williamson County School District.

Looney has been director of schools in Williamson County since 2009.  The Metro board is expected to make a formal offer on Thursday, pending a background check.

Dr. Looney confirmed to News 2 that if officially offered the job for Metro Nashville, he will decide by Friday what to do.

In Williamson County, parents, staff and students rallied last week in hopes of convincing Dr. Looney to stay.

On Monday the Williamson County board voted 9-3 to extend his current contract another four years.

They also voted to include a $30,000 bonus, a 5 percent yearly salary increase and additional vacation time as part of the package.

Williamson County School Board chair P.J Mezera told News 2 earlier in the day, “We are going to do our part, for sure. The other part is Dr. Looney’s.”

The Metro School Board has yet to decide what Looney would make if he’s offered the job, but current Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register made $266,000 this year.

At the meeting, Dr. Looney said he is not motivated by money but he would be “looney” not to think about it especially when considering his family.

“If Nashville is going to offer me employment, then I am going to make a decision by Friday,” Dr. Looney told News 2.

He again expressed confidence that any concerns about his leadership expressed in an anonymous email to the Metro school board members “would be put aside.”

Click here to view extended coverage on the search.

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