City Farmhouse team to transform spaces in 15 cities in just over year

city farmhouse

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) – Designers from the City Farmhouse team in Franklin are launching a campaign that will transform 15 spaces in 15 cities in just 15 months as farmhouse living becomes more and more popular.

Once upon a time, you would only see such pieces in old country farmhouses, but the trend is now changing to include farmhouse living in the city.

The city farmhouse style has become wildly popular with urban dwellers.

“It’s the fastest growing trend in decorating today, farmhouse style, and we’re bringing it to the city. We’re taking it away from the traditional rural farm and bringing it to the city, even to skyscrapers in New York City,” explained Kim Leggett with City Farmhouse. “Probably because it’s very interesting, it’s conversational, it’s about repurposing. It’s about upcycling, and these pieces have a story.”

Leggett told News 2 she has been designing for more than 20 years. In fact, some of her pieces can be found in the homes of celebrities such as Meg Ryan, Sheryl Crow and country-crooner Luke Bryan, among others.

Leggett said they the upcoming road trip makeover campaign is for her new book, “City Farmhouse Style.”

“Contemporary subdivision homes would be great. If you have a cookie cutter home, we want that cookie cutter home,” she said, adding, “If you have a ranch style home, that’s typically from mid-century modern design, we’re going to make that into city farmhouse style.”

Leggett said anyone who wants to transform their home using the city farmhouse style, homeowners should have a minimum budget of $6,000 if they already have some of the items needed for the makeover, or at least a budget of $15,000 for furnishings if they’re starting from scratch.

For more information on entering City Farmhouse’s upcoming contest, visit their website.

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