Officials, Tenn. leaders comment on Chattanooga shooting

President Barack Obama

I just received a briefing from FBI Director Comey, as well as my White House team, about the tragic shooting that took place in Chattanooga today. We don’t know yet all the details. We know that what appears to be a lone gunman carried out these attacks. We’ve identified a name. And at this point, a full investigation is taking place. The FBI will be in the lead, working closely with local law enforcement.

We’ve also been in contact with the Department of Defense to make sure that all our Defense facilities are properly attentive and vigilant as we sort through exactly what happened. And as details of the investigation proceed, we’ll make sure that the FBI, as well as local law enforcement are providing the public with all the information that’s involved.

My main message right now is, obviously, the deepest sympathies of the American people to the four Marines that have been killed. It is a heartbreaking circumstance for these individuals who have served our country with great valor to be killed in this fashion.

And although the families are still in the process of being contacted, I want them to know that I speak for the American people in expressing our deepest condolences, and knowing that they have our full support as they try to overcome the grief that’s involved here.

I also want to say that there are reports of injuries to Chattanooga local law enforcement officials. Thankfully, as far as we know at this point, they have survived the assault. And we want to make sure that they know that we’re thinking of them. They’re in our thoughts and prayers.

We take all shootings very seriously. Obviously, when you have an attack on a U.S. military facility, then we have to make sure that we have all the information necessary to make an assessment in terms of how this attack took place, and what further precautions we can take in the future. And as we have more information, we’ll let the public know.

But in the meantime, I’d ask all Americans to pray for the families who are grief-stricken at this point. And I want everybody to understand that we will be thorough and prompt in figuring out exactly what happened.

Speaker Beth Harwell

I’m shocked and saddened by today’s tragedy in Chattanooga. My thoughts and prayers are with those affected, and with those first responders who put their lives on the line to keep the city and this state safe.

U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-Tenn.)

I would like to join Tennessee’s senior senator in expressing our deep sorrow for those who have been affected and in extending our thoughts and prayers to the families. Details are still emerging. We believe this has taken place in multiple locations, and I know that local representatives there are dealing with this effectively as they move ahead. I want to thank the senator for having us take the time right now to be able to express our sorrow and support for those who are dealing with this issue, and I hope that those who have been injured will certainly survive and end up having full lives. But we know some people have been tragically injured. I appreciate the outreach that has taken place at the local, state, and federal level to ensure that we’re very aware of what’s occurring.


Nashville Mayor Karl Dean

On behalf of all the people of Nashville, we extend our deepest sympathies to our friends in another great Tennessee city. We are saddened and disturbed by this senseless act of violence upon Marines serving our country, and our thoughts and prayers go out to their family members and friends. We stand united with all the people of Chattanooga.

Congressman Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)

I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence that has been carried out on our military facilities in Chattanooga today, resulting in the deaths of four Marines. This is a heartbreaking loss for our nation’s military and the entire Chattanooga community. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those involved and the people of Chattanooga. I know that the community will come together to help each other heal.

Congressman Steve Cohen (TN-09)

Today’s attack in Chattanooga that killed four Marines and injured several others is distressing, and I am keeping a close eye on the developments. Being that the scene was a military installation and the victims were military personnel, it appears that this was an attack on our nation. My sympathies go out to the victims and their families.

Beth Joslin Roth, Safe Tennessee Project Policy Director

We at The Safe Tennessee Project are deeply saddened by the shootings in our state this morning at both the Navy Reserve center and the military recruitment center in Chattanooga. Our hearts break for the families of the four brave Marines who lost their lives and the police officer and others who were injured. To lose a loved one in such an unexpected, violent, and horrible way is sadly too common in our country. Our thoughts are also with those who witnessed the shootings and the first responders on the scene. Bearing witness to a mass shooting and its aftermath will undoubtedly remain with them for years to come. We are grateful for the leadership of Mayor Andy Berke and the Chattanooga Police Department who by all accounts, acted quickly and decisively. Like Tennesseans and Americans everywhere, we will continue to pray for the victims, their families, and the city of Chattanooga.

State Rep. JoAnne Favors (D-Chattanooga)

Tennessee Representative JoAnne Favors today said she is “very disturbed” by the shootings this morning at two Chattanooga military facilities that killed 4 marines. The shooter was also killed and 3 others, including a Chattanooga police officer, were injured. The suspect opened fire on an Armed Forces Career Center and a U.S. Naval Reserve Center about 6 miles apart. Favors said one of the centers is within 2 to 3 miles of her home and she praised the work of law-enforcement in controlling the situation. “The response by the city and county officers, as well as the FBI and Homeland Security was amazing,” Favors said. She added that the attacks were “deeply troubling” and she urged everyone to join the people of her district in supporting and praying for the victims and their families. “Now is a time for us to pull together and begin the healing process after this terrible tragedy.”

U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R)

Heartbreaking is the only word to describe what happened in Chattanooga on Thursday. Heartbreaking for the lives who were lost, heartbreaking for the families involved, heartbreaking for the Chattanooga community. And it is heartbreaking to think that we have individuals in our society, whether they are in Charleston or Chattanooga, who think that there is some purpose in randomly taking the lives of others.”

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