News 2 Profiles: Candidate Howard Gentry

Howard Gentry
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Howard Gentry is making his second run for mayor after missing the runoff in 2007 by just a few hundred votes.

He told News 2 he’s in a better position this time around.

Gentry can recall all the big changes in Nashville over the years, changes that have affected him personally.

“I’m a product of Nashville. I’m standing here in this park, I couldn’t stand in when I was a little boy,” said he said while standing in Centennial Park.

When he looks back at the past, it’s with confidence that he talks about change.

Including a different result in his second run for mayor.

“We’re in a place that we were not 8 years ago. Thirty days out and that is we’re really in a position to win the race,” he said. “And we know it.”

He knows Nashville is in a different place too, he sees changes coming in transportation.

“There’s a great understanding that we need something else and we need to do it immediately,” he said.


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