Sylvan Park residents file complaint against developers of new restaurant

sylvan park development

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A development in Sylvan Park may soon come to a halt. The building near 46th and Utah avenues is causing some controversy.

The Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association (SPNA) filed a complaint with Metro Codes against Priam Ventures for overbuilding the new development.

Sylvan Park’s councilman Jason Holleman told News 2 getting residents to compromise on the property development that once housed a grocery store took more than six months of meetings.

The decision was made that a small restaurant named Truss and retail space could be developed, a move neighbors were excited, but hesitant, about.

Sylvan Park development
The building sits at 46th and Utah avenues in the heart of Sylvan Park.

“What’s happened here is that you have a small piece of commercial property that’s buried in residential,” Steve Swartz with the SPNA explained.

The biggest concern is parking.

“I hear it many, many times. They say, “We don’t want to become 12South,’” said Swartz.

The building is nearing completion, but there appears to be a major problem.

“What we see being constructed there appears to be significantly larger 10 to 15 percent,” Councilman Holleman explained to News 2.

A member of the neighborhood association has measured the building and it appears to be nearly 1,000 square feet bigger than promised.

Holleman said it’s disappointing for residents who feel like the developers went back on their word.

SPNA members said there are only a handful of parking spaces for a restaurant that will seat around 120 people.

“What the neighbors are concerned about with a restaurant that large, there’s going to be cars parked all in front of their houses and limiting their own ability to park,” said Holleman.

SPNA has filed a complaint with Metro Codes against the real estate company.

If the measurements turn out accurate, a stop work order will be issued. The developer can then try to amend zoning to what has been built or they will have to tear down a portion of the building.

News 2’s calls to Priam Venture have not yet been returned.

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