2nd suspect arrested in Harding Inn arson; Additional arrests possible

Joshua Brooks

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Police have arrested a second man and say additional arrests are possible in the fire at the Harding Inn last Tuesday that injured two people.

Joshua Brooks, 27, told investigators he knew people were living inside when he set the fire, despite the motel being closed.

Brooks is now charged with felony aggravated arson.

Joshua Brooks
Joshua Brooks

Antoine Clark, 29, a convicted sex-offender, also faces arson charges. He was taken into custody last week at an east Nashville motel.

Investigators said Clark threatened to kill a resident of the Harding Inn over a dispute about personal belongings.

Police said that the men, and at least one other person, stacked mattresses outside Room 456 and set them on fire.

The fire trapped six people inside the room, including a pregnant woman, who were all later rescued from the balcony by firefighters.

The victims reported they saw Clark flee the building, saying he hoped they all burned to death.

According to a release, Clark, Brooks and another person ran across the street and watched the motel burn until fire crews arrived.

The pregnant woman and a man were taken to Southern Hills hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Demolition began on the property earlier this week.

Both Clark and Brooks are expected in court Thursday. The investigation is ongoing.

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