Smyrna police use social media to fight crime

Smyrna social media

SMYRNA, Tenn. (WKRN) — These days it’s not always enough for investigators to rely on old-fashioned police work, and in Smyrna, local police are using new ways to reach out to the community to make arrests.

Social media, especially Facebook, is the newest weapon in the department arsenal of crime fighting tools.

“It’s been very beneficial to us overall. Most of their information comes from the smart phone, immediate access, so we tried to tap into that resource ourselves,”  said Sgt. Bobby Gibson.

Smyrna social media
Sgt. Bobby Gibson

“We get a quicker and a broader response of anytime we have an incident we need to get out to the public,” he added.

And it’s doesn’t matter what type of crime the suspects are wanted for.

“We’ve used it as a tool to help us location suspects for shoplifting, theft, auto burglary, business, residential burglary, and we’ve even used it to try and locate suspects in relation to a homicide,” Gibson said.

Police have already seen a spike in the number of suspects being arrested.

“As a result we’ve been able to make more arrests on crimes in the past that we virtually didn’t have any leads to follow,” the police sergeant said.

Smyrna police are using Facebook to help with solving crimes, posting a video of the murder of Danny Wright hoping to spur new leads.

But Gibson said Facebook will never be able to replace officers hitting the streets, fighting crime the old fashioned way.

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