Police: Altered airsoft guns look like real thing

Airsoft gun

CHEATHAM COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local police department is urging kids and their parents not to alter airsoft guns to look like real weapons.

Airsoft is growing into a popular sport for kids and teenagers. Many look just like real guns except for the orange tip and shoot small plastic BBs.

The Kingston Springs Police Department says some kids are removing the orange tip to make airsoft guns look more real.

Kingston Springs police
Officer Jeremy Vaughan

Officer Jeremy Vaughan told News 2 that across the country, officers are coming face-to-face with these guns, and sometimes they can’t tell the difference.

In some cases, kids have been shot by police officers who think they’re carrying guns.

“Don’t let them run around the neighborhood with them,” said Vaughan. “And definitely don’t let them alter the gun to make it look real.”

Kyle Wikberg opened Springfield Airsoft Field three years ago. He wanted to provide a safe place for his kids, and others, to play airsoft.

“I just wanted everybody to have a safe place to go to be able to play airsoft, enjoy the sport and then go home and be safe,” Wikberg said.

He also stressed the importance of keeping the orange tip on the gun and playing in a safe area.

“They shouldn’t be out playing with them in their back yards or on the side of the road with these kinds of guns,” said Wikberg. “It could cause them to get killed.”

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