News 2 Profiles: Candidate David Fox

David Fox
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A former business journalist, hedge fund manager, and school board chairman, David Fox brings a conservative voice to the Nashville mayoral race and says that’s an advantage.

Fox knows all about growth in Nashville, there’s a construction site next to his house.

“So I’d like to see us come back with a much more granular approach to zoning. Let neighbors decide for themselves, what do they want the neighborhoods to look like?” he said.

His says infill and walkability are important issues with Nashville voters.

“$25 million of sidewalks will be built this year and I think we’re gonna have to sustain that for quite a few years to really catch up because it’s critical,” he said. “We are at a critical point that our growth is out stripping our ability to support this many people.”

He likes mass transit, so long as the city isn’t left with the tab.

“Ideally what it would be great to do is to see if we could have the private sector build own and operate a commuter rail or commuter bus system whatever we wanted,” he said.

But most critical, according to Fox, $3 billion in unfunded liabilities, money owed to city retirees in the form of pensions and healthcare.

News 2 checked with the city about the unfunded liabilities Fox is concerned about.

Rich Riebeling, the finance chair, said a recent study recommended no changes to the pension system that is nearly 90 percent funded. The healthcare liability is much larger and it’s recommended that retiree coverage for new employees should be eliminated once they are eligible for Medicare.

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