Mt. Juliet calls on TDOT to address pattern of crashes in same spot

Photo: WKRN

MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – Mt. Juliet city officials have contacted the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) after noticing a pattern of crashes all with the same location.

The troubling spot is on Interstate 40 East near the 226 mile marker at South Mt. Juliet Road and Belinda Parkway.

Since Jan. 1, 2015, Mt. Juliet police have responded to nearly 30 crashes, 8 with reported injuries.

City officials say it happens mostly in heavy rain.

Since contacting TDOT for help, yet another crash took place in the same area after a sedan slid underneath a tanker truck. A father and his two boys survived. It was raining when the crash happened.

Milk tanker accident on I-40
On June 2, a car slid underneath a tanker at the area in question.

He said he travels on I-40 twice a week and said every time it pours, there is a problem.

“The water seems to stand in that area a lot on the road,” said Wilder.

Another crash on I-40 happened in May. Dash cam video shows a car hydroplaning and spinning into a Mt. Juliet police officer’s car, barely missing him. The officer was not injured.

“We have a serious problem here,” said city engineer Andy Barlow. He said Mt. Juliet police officers and firefighters noticed the pattern

“We were able to identify that based on so many crashes occurring in such a short period of time in one specific location,” Barlow explained.

He said he contacted TDOT in early June asking for help, and fast.

“The lives of travelers are in danger if they hit this the lives of our first responders are in danger too,” Barlow added.

TDOT spokeswoman Heather Jensen said they’re not only to look at the roadway but also conduct a Lidar Study to see if there are low-lying areas that might be able to be fixed.

On Tuesday, News 2 saw survey crews conducting that study. Jensen said it will take time to get the results but she hopes to learn more in about a week.

Jensen also said crews already checked the drains and said they are clear, so TDOT ruled that out as a problem.

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