Volunteers work in extreme heat to clean up east Nashville school

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The extreme heat on Saturday didn’t get the workers at Kirkpatrick Elementary in east Nashville down.

The volunteers painted, cleaned up the landscape and organized learning materials so when children return to school in the fall, they will have a nice learning environment.

“If you are sitting at home and you are contemplating doing something, the heat might keep you on the couch. But once you get out here and get involved, the heat goes away,” said Darin Miller, one of the volunteers.

Eugenia Wilkerson, a mother of children who attend Kirkpatrick Elementary, said it means a “whole lot” to her. “It is more than just family. It’s teachers, friends of teachers that help support Kirkpatrick and Kipp.”

The group includes Kipp Nashville, employees of Metro Nashville Public Schools and more than 200 volunteers.

The school principal, Meldrid Nelson, said she is grateful for all the help.

“It really means a lot. It lets us know that we have the support of the community, and not only just the community, but volunteers that have volunteered through other agencies. It is really exciting to know they are here to help and support public education,” said Nelson.

When students head back to school in August, they can look forward to a great school year in an environment that makes learning fun.

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