Video: Naked man steals New Mexico deputy’s patrol car

CLOVIS, N.M. (KRQE) – A naked man attempting to flag down cars on the road was caught on camera, before he took off in a police car.

A sheriff in Clovis, New Mexico spent his Fourth of July being flashed by something much different than the lights of a fireworks display, as a body cam video from KRQE showed.

The video shows the deputy trying to coax 37-year-old Jesus Tarango out of the road after he was reported roaming around in his birthday suit.

Tarango sat down near the road at one point while the deputy motioned for other cars to pass, then stood up and attempted to flag down a car.

“Okay, get back over here. Let’s get on the grass, okay?” The deputy told the man who was still standing in the road.

The man then leaned on the deputy’s car before claiming he had been poisoned.

“How are you poisoned?” the deputy is heard asking.

Tarango then quickly made his move.

“Sir! Sir! Hey! Get out of there, hey!” The deputy shouted, as the naked man took off in his police cruiser.

“He’s stolen my unit, he’s taken off eastbound,” the deputy called out over his radio.

The stranded deputy then heard Tarango speak over his radio from inside his unit.

“I need help, this officer didn’t want to help me,” Tarango said. “I’m poisoned, that’s why I got in the car.”

Deputies said Tarango drove himself to the local hospital and was taken into custody after he parked the car and ran for the door.

Tarango was treated for injuries he received before contact with law enforcement. It’s unclear what those injuries are.

Investigators say Tarango appeared to be impaired, but didn’t elaborate.

Tarango was arrested and charged with concealing identity, resisting an officer, stealing a motor vehicle and aggravated fleeing.

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