Teachers union wants refund in Metro Schools director search

John Covington

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There’s more controversy Wednesday afternoon surrounding the search for a new Metro Schools director.

The Metro Nashville Education Association (MNEA), which is largest teacher organization and union in Nashville, called for a refund from the firm hired to find and vet candidates because one of the candidate’s references wouldn’t recommend him.

The organization said the reference for John Covington “had not been asked by Covington to be a reference and had not been contacted by the search firm to verify her name being used.”

President-Elect Erick Huth said the reference, the president of the Kansas City teachers’ union, further said “she would not recommend him for the job.”

The Metro Schools board hired Hazard Young Attea & Associates to help in their search.

“I really thought that when the board of education entered into a contract with the search firm, they were hiring a search firm that would do appropriate vetting, or at least, call up all of the references to find out what they knew about the individual,” said MNEA president.

As of Wednesday afternoon, there has been no comment about the teacher organization’s allegations.

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