Georgia woman takes dying dog on his final adventures

Nicole Elliot adopted dying dog named Chester
Nicole Elliot and Chester going for a ride. (Courtesy: ABC News)

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WKRN) – A Georgia woman has adopted a terminally ill dog and is taking him on exciting adventures to celebrate his final days.

According to ABC News, Nicole Elliot has a passion for rescuing animals and found Chester’s photo on the Animal Ark Rescue Facebook page. The shelter was searching for potential owners to care for him during his dying days.

Nicole Elliot adopted dying dog named Chester
Chester playing in a water stream (Courtesy: ABC News)

“They rescued him from a high kill shelter in April after he was surrendered over from his previous owners,” Elliot said. “He had a huge tumor on the top of his head and they wanted someone to take him for his final days. The next day, I got there right before they opened. They brought him out to me and I fell in love with him.”

Elliot, 24, took Chester to her Columbus, Georgia home on June 27 where she started to plan their trips, according to ABC News.

“I never compiled a list. I’ve just gotten some ideas of things I can take him to do,” Elliot said. “He’s playful at times, but I’m sure with the age and the cancer it slows him down. He is just very sweet and he soaks up any love that you give him.”

“He deserves it,” she added. “His past life didn’t seem too well.”

Elliot treated Chester to a visit at a water stream, a hot dog lunch and even a shopping spree.

Nicole Elliot adopted dying dog named Chester
Chester getting a special hot dog lunch. (Courtesy: ABC News)

“We bought new toys, a bed, bananas, and treats,” she said. “I also want to take him on a boat ride, to the beach, and to have professional photographer take pictures of him. I want to have them [the photos] after he’s gone.”

Elliot told ABC News that she hopes her and Chester’s adventures inspire others to adopt elderly sick animals who have a lesser chance of finding a home before they pass away.

She’s been documenting their journey on a donation page for Animal Ark Rescue and on a Facebook page she created.

“That was my main goal to inspire and encourage people to adopt shelter animals that people are less likely to adopt like older ones and the terminally ill,” she said. “There are so many people that say animals don’t have souls like humans, but I feel like anybody who met Chester would see he does have a soul. He has already fallen in love with me. He follows me everywhere.”

Veterinarians are unsure how much time Chester has left, Elliot told ABC News, but she added that she plans to continue adopting sick and elderly animals in hopes to bring happiness to their lives.

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