Candidate Linda Eskind Rebrovick

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Linda Eskind Rebrovick is a founding board member for Nashville Entrepreneur Center, which helps entrepreneurs start their businesses.  She is also a co-founder of Women Corporate Directors of Tennessee, providing women with encouragement, role models and training to join boards.

Rebrovick is a fourth-generation Nashville resident and an Auburn University graduate.  Her first job out of college was selling IBM computers door-to-door business owners that had never used a computer before.  She then became part of an IBM team that moved the company from just hardware into a services company as well.  Rebrovick has spent the past five years as CEO of Consensus Point, a Nashville-based startup company that uses marketing research technology to help guide small and large business decisions.

She is also a recipient of the Award for Women of Achievement by the YWCA.

For more on Linda Eskind Rebrovick, click here to view her campaign website.

Click here to view her Facebook page. 

Click here to view her Twitter account. 


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