Domestic violence charges against real estate developer David Chase dropped

David Chase
Photo: WKRN

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Domestic violence charges against real estate developer David Chase were dropped Wednesday.

Chase was arrested twice within 24 hours for domestic violence in the summer of 2014 against his then-girlfriend.

The victim claimed Chase dragged her out of his apartment by her ponytail in one of the two incidents.

The District Attorney’s Office said the domestic violence charges against Chase were dropped for several reasons, including the victim admitting to falsely testifying under oath.

In addition, the victim is said to have manipulated and/or destroyed evidence.

Physical evidence and phone records also contradicted the victim’s allegations.

“Although there was initial probable cause to bring these charges, the state is unable to proceed because of prior inconsistent statements made under oath and other evidence that contradicts the victim’s allegations,” Assistant District Attorney Katy Miller said.

Chase released the following statement after his charges were dropped:

I am delighted to learn that the charges against me have been dismissed. I am innocent. The allegations leveled at me were false. I maintained my innocence from day one and now the system has worked and this cloud has been lifted from me.

I want to thank my mother, father and family for standing by me and my legal team for their steadfast representation. I appreciate my friends and business associates who believed my truth.

I also want to thank Attorney General Glenn Funk for making the right decision once the facts were clearly in front of him. I know General Funk takes domestic violence very seriously and he has demonstrated he takes the law and justice seriously as well. It is unfortunate that false allegations triggered criminal charges that forced me spend exorbitant resources to defend myself. That seems fundamentally unfair but it does not temper how grateful I am that this chapter of my life is now closed.

I won’t have any further comment beyond this statement and cannot comment on any other projects or developments with which I have been associated.

Now I can go about putting my life back together. I will do so knowing that my innocence has been affirmed and that I can get to work.

Chase still faces an unrelated DUI charge from before the alleged domestic assault incident. Click here for complete coverage on his case.

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