Disabled veteran carjacked at gunpoint on birthday in Murfreesboro

Disabled veteran carjacked in Murfreesboro

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – Murfreesboro police said a 73-year-old Vietnam War veteran with disabilities was held at gunpoint and carjacked.

Kenneth Hughes’ wife Paula told News 2 it happened on his birthday, June 30, while she went inside a bank.

Paula said she left the car running and the doors unlocked so that Kenneth, who has trouble walking, could sit comfortably inside.

Disabled veteran carjacked in Murfreesboro
Paula and Kenneth Hughes

She told News 2 she was inside for about 20 minutes, and when she came out, her SUV and husband were gone.

Police said a man help him at gunpoint and stole the SUV while Kenneth was sitting in the back seat.

Kenneth can’t talk because he had to have his voice box surgically removed due to Laryngeal cancer.

He was able to share with News 2 the phrases he mouthed to the suspect as he was being carjacked. He said he repeatedly mouthed the words “I can’t talk” and “don’t do this.”

Kenneth later told his wife what happened through writing, explaining the suspect drove him more than two miles away to the Sonic on Memorial Boulevard.

The suspect then abandoned the SUV and ran into the woods.

“I was thankful that Ken was OK, the car was OK, but I was angry that someone could take advantage of someone in his physical condition right now,” said Paula.

News 2 asked Kenneth what it was like in the SUV he wrote, “This guy was really crazy, like he was running from something or someone, kept telling me to get out or he was going to shoot me.”

Murfreesboro police said the suspect is still on the run. Anyone with information should call Murfreesboro police at 615-893-1311.

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