Residents, business owners gather to stop gas compression station in Joelton

Joelton gas compression station

DAVIDSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Residents and business owners from Joelton gathered to stop a gas compression station from moving into their community.

The Metro Planning Commission met late Thursday afternoon to discuss a proposed ordinance to restrict the facility to property zoned for industrial use.

Businesses and residents fear the facility will release toxic air emissions, create groundwater contamination and noise.

“I am very concerned about the effect on the people. I understand this thing would emit a constant level of 55 decibels. That’s loud and I understand it would impact our water, our air, and I am concerned about the potential for disaster,” said Carolyn Martin, a Joelton resident.

“The land they want to build on is actually zoned agricultural. In their own documents they filed with the government they said they are not going to have to file agricultural practices because they are going to be industrial use,” said James Wright, another resident.

Howard Office Building downtown Nashville
Concerned citizens met at the Howard Office Building in downtown Nashville.

News 2 spoke with Richard Wheatley, the director of communications of the project on the phone.

“The plant would not release toxic air emissions,” said Wheatley.

“We would have a complete environmental compliance plan.” he continued.

Councilman Lonell Matthew introduced an ordinance to restrict gas compressor stations to property zoned for industrial use.

The ordinance already passed the first reading and passed its second unanimously Thursday night.

It goes to Metro Council for a public hearing on July 21.

When News 2 asked Wheatley what happens if the ordinance passes, he said, “We won’t speculate on what may happen on the planning commission level.”

He told News 2 construction on the proposed gas compressor project is scheduled to begin in March with a completion date set for October of 2017.

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