Nashville Zoo welcomes new bear

Courtesy: Nashville Zoo

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Nashville Zoo has welcomed the arrival of a 2-year-old Andean bear.

Luka arrived to her new home on Monday from the Phoenix Zoo. Zoo officials said she is currently adjusting well and is not on exhibit yet.

“Her trip from Phoenix was uneventful, and she’s spent her first days in Nashville exploring her enclosure and getting acclimated to her new keepers,” mammal curator Lanny Brown said.

Luka recently made headlines prior to her arrival to Nashville as her former caretakers thought she was a boy. It was discovered Luka was in fact a female when preparation began for her new home.

“Identifying the sex of Andean bears is difficult, and the Phoenix staff took a hands-off approach to Luka because the mother did such a good job raising her,” said Brown. “Andean bears are so rare in zoos that any birth, regardless of gender, is important for both the breeding program and the survival of the species.”

Luka will be on display beginning next spring at the new “Expedition Peru: The Trek of the Andean Bear exhibit. The new three-acre habitat will include two other Abdean Bears in addition to Luka.

Read more about the new exhibit here.

For more information on the Nashville Zoo, visit their website.

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