Nashville mayoral candidates do sports talk

Sports mayoral forum

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The future of Nashville’s sports and its teams took center court Thursday in Nashville’s mayoral race, with one candidate saying “elect an athlete.”

Things like domed stadiums and pro-team ownership came up in a forum, but not all the candidates chose to play.

Five of the seven Nashville candidates talked sports and the huge role it has recently played with stadiums and arenas getting some public dollars, while also generating economic activity in most people’s eyes.

Megan Barry and Bill Freeman’s campaigns indicated they had prior engagements.

mayoral forum
News 2’s Cory Curtis moderated Thursday’s event.

Moderated by News 2 Sports Director Cory Curtis, the event sometimes sounded like a “Field of Dreams” forum, or a wish list for Nashville sports.

Howard Gentry brought up a domed stadium although he did not use that phrase.

“Facilities do not just hold up,” Gentry told the event sponsored Nashville Sports Council and the Metro Sports Authority. “So why not look at a climate-controlled facility, not just for Super Bowl, but other events.”

Charles Robert Bone looked at improving what is already here.

“We have to take two or three steps forward, not only maximizing the facilities we have, but maximizing the brand of the Predators and Titans,” said Bone.

David Fox chose another sport.

“Do some study for a real soccer venue here, probably minor league,” said Fox. “Something that could later be expanded.”

Linda Eskind Rebrovick was thinking about an indoor sport.

“We had the Women’s Final Four here,” she said. “Why not dream big, and bring the Men’s Final Four here also?”

Jeremy Kane brought a different competition.

“I think we should be competing, if not besting Indianapolis as the amateur sports capitol of the United States.

Kane also utterered something not heard in the 40-plus Nashville mayoral forums when he channeled his days as a competitive swimmer by telling the group gathered at Bridgestone Arena “elect an athlete.”

That came after Rebrovick touted her 50-yard dash skills in high school, Gentry recounted his football days and Bone playing basketball with local legend Ron Mercer.

Fox was the only one who did not directly talk about his athletic prowess, but he did detail his long interest in watching Sounds games and pro wrestling events in his youth.

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