Collaboration between Metro Animal Control, Agape helps save lives


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A collaboration between Metro Animal Control and Agape Animal Rescue is giving local puppies in need of a forever home a second chance at life.

After looking into euthanization rate of puppies at area shelters due to the lack of space, Agape started the “Puppy Program,” which is dedicated to saving pregnant dogs and orphaned pups 6 months and under.

The Puppy Program helps puppies find their forever homes.

Metro Animal Care and Control is an “open admission shelter,” which means it never turns away any animal brought to the facility by Davidson County residents.

Director Rebecca Morris told News 2 they immediately jumped at the opportunity to partner with Agape.

“They reached out to us and told us about an amazing opportunity to do a 100 puppy projects. They are going to pull 100 puppies from our facility which is beyond amazing for the animals at the shelter,” explained Morris.

Tanya Willis, Agape’s executive director, said she is excited about the programs and the puppies the non-profit organization has already been able to save.

“We have foster families that are excited to bring in these puppies home and help move them on to their forever homes,” she said.

Willis told News 2 the new collaboration is something that she has dreamed about.

Adoptions are around $200 through Agape.

“We were so blown away by the support that we were receiving from the grant makers, from the store [and] from the community. They said, “You know what? Yes, we are committed to these puppies. We are committed to this program, and the adults in the animal rescue program because we are saving others.’ It’s really been humbling,” she said.

Puppy adoptions cost around $200 through Agape.

For more information, or to foster a puppy, click here.

The Puppy Program was born thanks to donations from Best Friends Animal Society out of Utah, the Enderle Family and the Community Foundation.

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