Phone call leads police to kidnapping victim, alleged captor

Gary Nations

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A phone call from a Lawrenceburg automotive shop led police to a woman who was reported missing and her alleged captor.

The alleged kidnapping victim was reported missing from Montgomery County by her family on Saturday.

Through the course of their investigation, authorities stated Gary Nations told the victim he had warrants out for his arrest and if she did not go with him he would kill her.

On Monday, after Nations learned police were looking for the missing woman, the 32-year-old man allegedly forced her to call her mother and let her know she was alive and say she was with a friend.

The victim, whose smashed cell phone was found on Dotsonville Road, made the call from an automotive shop in Lawrenceburg, about 100 miles south of Clarksville, where the vehicle the pair was traveling in had broken down.

After the call, a Montgomery County Sheriff’s officer who knew the victim began investigating the matter further.

When investigators called the automotive shop back, the victim answered the phone and alluded to the fact that her life was in danger.

Lawrenceburg police were notified of the call and responded to the area as Nations and the victim were reportedly leaving on foot.

Upon being rescued, the victim told police that while at a hotel, Nations choked her to the point where she nearly lost consciousness.

Nations is charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault. At the time of his arrest, there were additional warrants out for his arrest for violation of probation and escape.

He remains jailed on a $255,000 bond.

This is second time a woman was allegedly kidnapped from Montgomery County in the past week. On June 10, a man was arrested after he allegedly kidnapped a woman and drove her 500 miles to Louisiana where the victim said he beat and raped her.

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