Vietnam vet savagely beaten for 2nd time in east Nashville

Anthony Franklin

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Vietnam veteran savagely beaten a month ago while walking to get milk for his grandchildren was attacked for a second time.

Anthony Franklin was first attacked last May after robbers hit the grandfather-of-five in the face with a tree limb.

This past Sunday, he was jumped again near his home on South Seventh Street in east Nashville by a group of young people.

Anthony Franklin
Anthony Franklin

Franklin told News 2 they hit him in the head with a sock filled with canned goods.

“This is where I got his yesterday,” he said about the bloody knot on his head.

Franklin explained he was walking along Shelby Avenue at 7;40 p.m. when he says he was attacked for no reason.

“Teenagers,” he said, who “live somewhere through here.”

“They didn’t say anything,” he added, and said he has “no idea” why they decided to harm him.

According to the family, there haven’t been any arrests in either beating incident, the first of which left the 64-year-old grandfather with a broken cheek and jawbone.

The family has since requested to move from the public housing units where they live, and Metro officials told News 2 their transfer has been approved.

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