How does TDOT go about the beautification of highways?

TDOT mowing beautification

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The CMA Music Festival and Bonnaroo just wrapped up, bringing thousands of visitors and millions of dollars to Middle Tennessee.

Just like in our front yards, we want the highways they drive dwon to look their best, but sometimes the grass gets a little high.

A News 2 viewer asked us to look into why, so we reached out to the Tennessee Department of Transportation for answers.

“We operate on a cycle system. We have five cycles for interstates, four cycles for state routes,” said spokeswoman Heather Jensen. “We have to do that because it’s the best use of our resources but also the money we have available.”

Heather Jensen TDOT spokeswoman
Heather Jenson, spokeswoman for the Tennessee Department of Transportation

Jensen went on to say that means interstates get cleaned up about once a month.

She said as much as they want the same clean look, other things can get in their way, making it harder to keep up.

“We’ve had a pretty damp spring and we’re technically not in summer yet, but we’ve had a pretty damp couple of months,” Jensen said.

The rain makes the grass grow a little bit longer before the next mowing cycle comes around.

“We can only do so much and we have to operate on the cycle we have going,” Jensen explained. “You may notice a little of the taller grass. In areas we have a sight distance issue, we will try to address that immediately.”

But for most of the highways, Jensen says to be patient. The mowers are coming.

If you’re aware of an area where plant growth is causing a sight distance problem, contact the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

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