More claims of possible ‘bias’ or ‘prejudice’ against Nashville judge

Judge Allergra Walker

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Metro Public Defenders office filed at least six more motions Friday asking that Judge Allegra Walker recuse, or disqualify herself, from some domestic violence cases.

The new motions are similar to one filed Thursday that said an email recently sent by the judge to the Davidson County District Attorney General’s office last week “might reasonably call into question Judge Walker’s impartiality” and “reflect her bias or prejudice concerning certain defendants in her court.”

The judge’s email, which was attached to the motion, told the district attorney “please advise your staff of the following dispositions I will no longer accept as of June 8, 2015.”

No agreed orders on domestics, no multiple probation offers, and no reducing domestics down to simple assaults were among the dispositions listed in the judge’s email that was part of the record filed in the motion.

Citing five sections of Tennessee law, the public defenders motion Thursday said, “the judge has made a public statement…that commits or appears to commit the judge to reach a particular result or rule…”

In a brief hearing Thursday, the judge responded to the claims by telling a member of the public defender’s office, “Did I tell the DA how to handle cases?”

One critic told News 2 Judge Walker “still thinks she has her old job as a prosecutor in the DA’s office,” which is the position she held prior to being elected to the bench in 2014.

A prominent defense attorney defended the judge saying “it’s not unusual to have policies about certain cases.”

The judge has indicated she has taken all of the motions to recuse herself “under advisement.”

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