Vanderbilt arrives in Omaha for College World Series

Tim Corbin
Tim Corbin

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – With fans chanting “SEC, SEC,” the Commodores arrived in Omaha Thursday for what they hope will be a trip to claim a second straight national championship.

All year long they would not discuss a return trip the College World Series to defend their title, but with the bags packed, junior shortstop Rhett Wiseman admitted earlier Friday morning that he had been thinking about it for awhile.

The Commodores have been given four-to-one odds to win the whole thing, second only behind conference rival Florida.

Now that they are in Omaha they can start the title talk with the whole team breathing a big sigh of relief to be back to defend it.

“This is Christmas. I mean, it’s a nice gift that the kids deserve and got being consistent over the course of time, but we’re very, very glad to be here. I can tell you that. It never gets old,” said head coach Tim Corbin.

“I mean it’s awesome, it’s what you strive for every year, it’s what our team sets out to do every year, you know we’ve been blessed to be in this position this year and we just need to play good ball,” said Dansby Swanson.

The Commodores open the tournament Sunday, June 14 against Cal State Fullerton.

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