Human remains found at Midtown construction site

Human remains Midtown

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Human remains were discovered Monday at a construction site in Midtown, and the state’s Division of Archeology was called to investigate.

State officials told News 2 crews were using a backhoe to dig a narrow utility trench at Elliston Place and 21st Avenue when a partial skull was found.

Human remains Midtown
Elliston Place and 21st Avenue in Midtown

Staff with the Division of Archeology arrived to the scene and noted the trench’s wall was comprised of several layers, including the current road, a layer of cobblestones, and a layer of concrete on top of rail ties from the old trolley track.

Both police officers at the scene and the backhoe operator reported the remains were found in a layer of soil beneath the rail ties.

No obvious grave shafts were visible, and it can’t be determined if more graves are present due to how small the trench is.

Officials said that evidence shows the remains are likely historic, rather than prehistoric Native American, as no evidence of prehistoric activity was present.

The Division of Archeology is reviewing historic maps of the area, along with other city records, for possible clues.

Further details were not immediately known.

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