Bee hives installed on Music City Center roof

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The four-acre green roof at the Music City Center is now home to over 100,000 bees.

The bees live in four hives on the green roof and are expected to produce an estimated 360 pounds of honey annually.

Half of this honey will be used by the Music City Center culinary team, while the rest will be jarred for promotional use.

The first harvest is expected to be ready in spring of 2016.

“We’ve made it a top priority to use local products in the kitchen and this is as local as it gets,” said Chef Max Knoepfel, executivechef at the Music City Center. “We can literally walk out the back door and get honey for anything we need. The bees should produce more than enough needed for the kitchen and we can give what’s leftover to clients and visitors.”

“Honey bees play a key role in our ecosystem and the widespread use of insecticides is killing off the honey bees at an alarming rate,” said Jamie Meredith, the Music City Center’s beekeeper. “Bees fertilize about 85 percent of plants, so it’s incredibly important that we create a safe home for them.”

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