Road rage in Murfreesboro leads to gunfire

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A case of road rage on a busy Murfreesboro street ended in gunfire, but no one was injured.

Trevor Evey, 20, was on his way home from work Saturday afternoon when a driver merged into the right lane on Medical Center Parkway near St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital, almost hitting him.

“[I] got in the left lane, passed him and went about my business,” Evey said. “That’s when he got in behind me, and when I saw he got in behind me I threw up [my arm] like, ‘what are you doing man,’ you almost hit me type thing.”

Trevor Evey
Trevor Evey

Evey said the other driver, in a white 4-door Buick Sedan, cursed at him.

When he got far enough away, he looked into his rear-view mirror and was shocked by what he saw.

“He had his left arm out of the driver side window holding a black pistol, and fired it up in the air two times,” Evey told News 2.

He explained he knew he needed to get away from the situation, and ultimately ran a red light on Broad Street.

Since this occurred around 4 p.m., traffic was heavy in the area.

“It definitely should have injured someone else,” Evey said. “Other drivers were definitely surprised. Everyone around me hit their brakes and made distance between them and the suspect-shooter. [It] definitely put my life in danger and other lives on the road in danger.”

Evey wasn’t able to get a license plate number, but he’s hoping from the description he gave, police will be able to track the suspect down.

Murfreesboro police are investigating.

If the suspect is caught, he could face reckless endangerment and aggravated assault charges.

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