Police: Nashville market declared public nuisance for selling pot

cj discount market

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville market was padlocked Monday after Metro police declared the business a nuisance and said they dealt marijuana from the front counter.

The owner of C.J. Discount Market on Buena Vista Pike was also arrested alongside another employee.

Police began investigation the market after a traffic stop in late April. A driver had marijuana that allegedly came from the store.

In May, a police operative reportedly made five separate marijuana buys at the market from Hani Alkaifi, the 26-year-old owner.

The employee, Ahmed Alkisswani, assisted in a sale last Friday.

Authorities seized a jar of weed, a pistol and electronic scales kept inside CD cases.

Alkaifi is charged with felony marijuana sales and selling beer to an underage person.

Alkisswani, 38, is charged with making one felony marijuana sale.

In addition to the charges, the District Attorney’s Office filed a lawsuit against Alkaifi alleging he’s operating the market as a public nuisance. As a result, Judge Steve Dozier ordered the store padlocked and perishable items seized pending a hearing scheduled for Friday.

C.J. Discount Market was last raided in Oct. 2013 for dealing in stolen merchandise. Alkaifi was arrested at the time and subsequently convicted of theft. He received a probated sentence.

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