Noted defense attorney Fletcher Long nudged into radio career

Fletcher Long

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – So what do you do after an 18-year high-profile legal career that recently ended with a conviction of extorting money from a client?

If you are Fletcher Long, it’s a radio talk show.

“I am joining the likes of G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver North as convicted felons (North’s conviction was later overturned) doing a talk show,” Long laughed during his debut show on Clarksville’s WJZM-AM.

He continued, “I have done radio before, so it seemed like a natural progression. I am still getting paid to talk.”

Long became well-known as an attorney in criminal cases defending convicted former football player Brandon Vandenburg in the high-profile Vanderbilt rape and Jason Autry, one of three men charged in the Holly Bobo murder case.

Last month, he and another Clarksville attorney were convicted on a complicated count of extortion.

Long describes it as, “Convicted of threatening to have a client arrested for not paying their legal bill.”

“I expect not to be doing any jail time as a first time offender,” Long told his listeners shortly after the song “I Fought the Law” played after a commercial break.

“And the law won,” added Long, while mimicking a familiar line from the 1960s Bobby Fuller Four song. “I was thinking of leaving the practice of law anyway. This just hurried things up a bit.”

In full disclosure, News 2 Reporter Chris Bundgaard, was a guest on the show, “The Long Version” Monday morning.

The show airs daily Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on WJZM.

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