Nashville artist races clock to paint old Colonial bakery

Colonial bakery
Peggy Snow

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Nashville artist is racing the clock to paint the old Colonial Bakery before it’s torn down.

Peggy Snow noticed the large Magnolia tree in front of the bakery was reduced to a stump, and realized the building was next.

Colonial bakery
Peggy Snow

Snow has spent much of her life painting old buildings before they’re torn down.

And in Nashville, that keeps her busy.

“Here lately, it keeps your head spinning,” said Snow. “I just hate to see them all get knocked down so fast.”

She knows she can’t stop the wrecking ball.

So instead, she uses her paintings as a way to preserve the history.

Even in the rain and wind, she paints. Snow has been outside of the Colonial Bakery every afternoon, knowing time is not on her side.

Next up, Snow plans to bring her paint brushes and canvas to Printer’s Alley before the buildings there are replaced by a new hotel.

She sells her work online. Click here to take a look.

Alliance Residential Company filed a concept plan last November to turn the property into a 328-unit apartment complex with 800 parking spaces and space for retail. The development would be called Broadstone Eighth South.

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