Alleged victim testifies in David Chase domestic case hearing

David Chase
David Chase

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – For nearly two hours Friday, the alleged victim in the David Chase assault case faced a long list of questions.

In its effort to dismiss the case, the defense team leveled strong allegations while the alleged victim said “this is not about money.”

Chase’s attorney claims the alleged victim intentionally provoked him, lied while testifying, and deleted key evidence.

The victim claims Chase attacked her twice within 24 hours. He was arrested after the first alleged incident but released from jail early before allegedly attacking her again, sparking controversy last summer regarding the mandatory 12-hour hold law in domestic violence cases.

For nearly two hours Friday, Chase’s attorney Rich McGee grilled the alleged assault victim in the case claiming she had participated in a scheme to defraud the court.

The alleged victim, who claims Chase assaulted her twice in June of 2014 at the apartment they once shared, said she could not recall or remember questions about the defense claims, and indicated “this case is not about money,” and  that she had not participated in any scheme.

The allegations involved filtering or sending digitally enhanced photos of the alleged injuries from the assault to another phone.

The alleged victim at one point said, “I think I brightened them.”

The hearing is part of a motion from McGee to dismiss the assault charges against his client who is part of a well-known Nashville construction and development company.

Numerous phone and text messages were introduced as evidence during the hearing.

At one point, defense attorneys introduced phone records that showed the alleged victim deleted more than 19,000 items from her phone after the June 2014 incident until May  1, 2015 even though she was told not to do so by prosecutors and a personal attorney.

The alleged victim indicated she did not recall being told that, but admitted to deleting a lot to make room on the phone.

The motion to dismiss continues on June 15.

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