Endangered gorilla gives birth at Knoxville Zoo

Baby gorilla at Knoxville Zoo
Courtesy: WATE

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Mother and infant appear to be doing well after Hope, an endangered Western lowland gorilla, gave birth.

The baby was born at 2:30 a.m. Thursday, according to Knoxville Zoo officials.

Staff are monitoring Hope and her infant and say as long as they continue to do well, there are no concerns about their interaction with the other members of the gorilla family group.

PHOTOS: Baby gorilla born at Knoxville zoo

The baby gorilla represents the first ever gorilla born in Knoxville and the first born in the state of Tennessee in 30 years.

“We are thrilled,” said Lisa New, executive director of Knoxville Zoo. “This is a wonderful moment for Knoxville, and we hope our community is as proud as we are.”

The gorilla habitat, Gorilla Valley, will be closed to allow the mother and baby time to bond. The area will reopen as soon as Hope seems receptive to having visitors. Zoo staff said that should take a few days.

This is the fourth birth for the 31-year-old. The Western lowland gorilla was brought to the Knoxville Zoo from Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the recommendation of the Western Lowland Gorilla Species Survival Plan.

Staff said Hope is a patient, attentive and playful mother.

Machi, another Western lowland gorilla, is expected to give birth in the next few weeks at the zoo.

Western lowland gorillas are native to the rainforests of Africa. The zoo says habitat loss, commercial hunting and outbreaks of the Ebola virus have significantly impacted their population.

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