‘Charlie Charlie Challenge’ takes over social media

(WTNH) – Teens are over the “Kylie Jenner Challenge’ and have moved on to the “Charlie Charlie Challenge”  the newest viral sensation that has taken over social media.

Here’s how the challenge works. You place two pencils in a cross formation on a chart that reads yes or no on the top half, and then written out vice versa on the bottom half. You then ask Charlie if he’s there or if he wants to play. The top pencil then rolls on its own to what Charlie’s answer is.

Some say the game is a cross between Ouija board, MASH and Bloody Mary. While the game just became popular with teens, it has been floating around the internet for a few years.

Who’s Charlie? Well he’s apparently a Mexican demon. But is Charlie really there? Even though teens credit the supernatural for the pencil moving, The Independent reports that it is actually gravity, along with the positioning of the pencil. And according to BBC, there isn’t even a demon named Charlie in Mexico.

“Mexican legends often come from ancient Aztec and Maya history, or from the many beliefs that began circulating during the Spanish conquest,” said Maria Elena Navez of BBC Mundo. “Mexican demons are usually American inventions.”

Teens are filming themselves playing the game and posting their reaction to Charlie, which is usually them freaking out, to their social media accounts.


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