100-year-old retired teacher returns to the classroom

Ethel Miller

LOGANSPORT, Ind. (WLFI) – Many of us remember a special teacher that somehow shaped our lives, and Wednesday a group of Indiana first-graders got to meet the teacher that shaped their very own teacher’s life.

Steve Gwin’s first grade class gave a heroes welcome to Ethel Miller at Landis Elementary School in Logansport.

“I am really happy. I’m almost a little weepy, I’m so excited,” Gwin said.

PHOTOS: 100-year-old teacher returns to class 

It’s been 40 years since Gwin and Miller were in the same classroom. Miller was his first grade teacher and Gwin was an ornery 7 year old. Now, 47-year-old Gwin is in the teacher’s seat showing 100-year-old Miller his bright first-graders.

The two reconnected awhile ago and during teacher appreciation week he decided to invite Mrs. Miller to his classroom.

“A couple of times students have come back to me, and said we remember this or thank you for this and that makes me feel like a million bucks. And so I just thought for her today she deserves so much more than this, but this has been great,” Gwin said.

The class even prepared a special song for the woman who influenced their teacher.

After the songs, Gwin shared stories from his time in Mrs. Miller’s class. Like the one about how she carried a paddle up her sleeve, but what really stuck with Gwin for the past four decades is how caring his teacher was.

“I can be a little more patient with them because of her, because I remember. She loved me and she was a caring, wonderful teacher. And after 40 years, I still remember that and I haven’t forgotten,” Gwin said.

Now a teacher himself, Gwin said he knows how special it is when a past student reaches out to say thank you.

“If you have that teacher that you think about once in awhile who is in your past — whether it’s elementary or high school — just drop them a line, or look them up or stop by. It doesn’t have to be anything big like this, it can just be a quick ‘Hi, thanks and I remember you,’” Gwin said.

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