Sales explode for Nashville-based cigar company

Crowned Heads cigars

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Crowned Heads Cigars has exploded on the cigar scene, winning award after award right here in Middle Tennessee.

“The concepts, the ideas, the branding, the graphics all come from this building,” owner Jon Huber explained.

A few years ago as CAO Cigars was packing up and moving out-of-state, Huber decided to stay and branch out on his own, not knowing if his unique style would stick.

“I think people kind of gravitate towards us because we’re authentic, we’re real, we’re honest, we have some integrity,” Huber said. “We’re very transparent in our branding. We’re not trying to fool anybody and I think people kind of gravitate towards that in this day in age.”

A best kept secret in Nashville, but they’re celebrities to cigar connoisseurs, known as a boutique brand.

“You have your Budweisers, your Millers and then you have your craft beers in the beer world. Well, we’re one of those craft beers in the cigar world,” Huber explained.

Huber and his crew make cigars that travel. They created the Tennessee Waltz exclusively for retailers in the Volunteer State, but he quickly found out-of-towners loved it the same.

“Funny enough, I was in Hawaii in February with my wife to launch a cigar we did for Hawaii and guys were coming up to me telling me how much they love Tennessee Waltz. I’m like, ‘How’d you get it all the way out in Hawaii?’” Huber recalled.

There is so much attention detail in this warehouse, a story behind everything from the blend of the cigars to the graphics on the box.

They sneak in the iconic three stars on every cigar box, so it’s like shipping a little bit of Tennessee all over the world.

“There’s nowhere else I’d want to do it,” Huber said. “Mike and I both had the opportunity to go with our previous company to Richmond, Virginia when they relocated, but we both felt like it was really important for us to stay with those who brought us to the dance, which is Nashville. We’re very loyal, our families are here. There’s no way we would ever leave Nashville.”

Crowned Heads Cigars has moved from warehouse to warehouse since it’s difficult to find a place in Davidson County that will allow the company to work out of and test their product.

For more information on Crowned Heads Cigars, visit their website.


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