Vanderbilt uses mannequin that gives birth to help train nursing students


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The Vanderbilt School of Nursing is increasingly utilizing human-like mannequins in its Vanderbilt Simulation Lab to train nursing students.

One of the mannequins, “Noelle,” is a female, who gives birth to a baby mannequin.

Noelle’s vital signs, movements and speech in order to mimic a real patient giving birth.

“Noelle is a birthing simulator. She can be used for students to learn the processes for caring for a patient who is pregnant, or in labor, or has just delivered a baby,” explained Sally Miller, Manager of the Simulation Lab.

Miller and her colleagues are able to control Noelle’s vital signs, movements and speech in order to mimic a real patient.

“We can put a lot of different scenarios together, that [students] need to learn how to respond to,” said Miller.

Vanderbilt School of Nursing Professor Tonia Moore-Davis said practicing with mannequins, like Noelle, exposes students to scenarios that they might not see in their clinical training.

“Giving them that experience in a safe environment is helpful before they get in the real world,” said Moore-Davis. “Noelle gives us a chance to bring the classroom learning and the textbook learning to life.”

The university did not say how much Noelle cost, but did say a mannequin that sophisticated does cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Noelle is one of a handful of mannequins in Vanderbilt’s simulation lab.

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