Documents reveal details behind Vandenburg mistrial request in Vanderbilt rape case

Brandon Vandenburg

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Brandon Vandenburg, one of two former students convicted in the high-profile Vanderbilt University rape case, is asking for a new trial.

His attorneys filed for a motion for mistrial on Wednesday.

In January, a Davidson County jury convicted Vandenburg and former football teammate Cory Batey on multiple counts of rape against a female student.

After the trial, questions arose about whether the jury foreman misrepresented himself due to being a victim of sexual abuse several years ago.

According to documents filed by Vandenburg’s attorneys, foreman Todd Easter did not reveal he was a previous victim of sexual abuse in a statutory rape case.

During the jury selection process, the prosecution asked jurors if they had ever been the victim of a crime. Each juror was told that if they heard a question being asked of another juror that struck a nerve, they should also speak up and volunteer any information they might have.

In the filed documents, the attorneys for Vandenburg say jurors were advised that if the disclosure of information would be embarrassing for them, they could do so anonymously.

The attorneys allege that Easter denied ever being a witness to a crime or having any prior involvement with the justice system beyond a previous marijuana arrest. They cite court transcripts in which Easter denied knowing anyone who had been the recipient of an unwanted touching or sexual assault.

There is no word on when the judge will take up the request for a new trial.

Both Vandenburg and Batey are in the Metro jail awaiting their sentencing, which is set to take place on June 15.

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