Murfreesboro renews effort to build new police, fire training center

Photo shows proposed site of training center.

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A group of Murfreesboro residents are not happy to find out the city renewed its efforts to build a police and fire training center.

Residents of the Liberty Station and Liberty Valley subdivisions, which house around 600 homes, fought City Hall last August and won after attending a board of zoning appeals meeting showing their objections. The board ultimately denied the city’s approval.

But now the city has revised the plan and will again go before the board in the future to try and get a special use permit to build the facility.

Cathy Black lives directly across the street from the proposed public safety training center, and she’s not happy at all.

“Every aspect of the entire operation would cause no one to want to live near it,” she told News 2. “Hearing screeching tires, hearing sirens, hearing all the things, barking dogs, all the things going to be going on, it’s just going to be a disruption.”

Police, fire training station
There are about 600 homes in the Liberty Station and Liberty Valley subdivisions.

It will include a rifle-range, a mock city for police simulation training, a K-9 training kennel, a 55-foot burn tower, and diving pond for firefighters.

“We realized we were in too big of a hurry last August and didn’t share the information in an effective way,” Assistant City Manager Jim Crumley said.

He told News 2 the city has come up with alternate plans for the first phase of the massive $2.8 million training center.

One of the plans will move the rifle range to the northern part of the property and away from the Liberty Station and Liberty Valley subdivisions.

Concerned resident Jake Robinson said not in his backyard.

“You can dress a pig up, but you can’t make him sing,” Robinson said. “That’s what they are trying to do make this pig sing.”

Residents say if approved, the facility will change their quality of life. They argue traffic is already a problem in the neighborhood and the facility will bring with it increased traffic, noise pollution, and decrease their property value.

“You’ve got trucks like this driving down the road, the garbage trucks, because you got Mt. Trashmore right to our East,” Robinson said. “It’s a Christmas list of things they want to do out here at this facility that’s going to create a quality of life impact on us.”

Residents in this neighborhood are expected to meet this weekend to discuss their options.

“You are going to hear those rounds ringing out from miles around,” resident Peter Ciesielski said. “There is no berm that’s going to help, there is nothing that’s going to help there it’s going to be a loud report of rifle shots.”

The city will hold a meeting Monday at 6 p.m. at Walter Hill Elementary for people to voice their concerns.

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