Mother, 3 kids terrorized by bounty hunters in Murfreesboro

Sasha Curtis
Sasha Curtis

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Murfreesboro mother and her three small children were terrorized after bounty hunters kicked in their door looking for a man who doesn’t even live there.

According to Murfreesboro police, the bounty hunters stole items from the house, including the mother’s ID and mail, and now they are wanted for aggravated burglary, vandalism and theft.

It happened Tuesday night at an apartment complex on Indian Park Drive, not far from South Church Street and Interstate 24.

Murfreesboro bounty hunters
Sasha Curtis and her friend show News 2 where they hid when bounty hunters burst into her apartment.

Sasha Curtis, who has three children under the age of 5, said the hunters banged on her door repeatedly.

“They kept banging and banging and banging,” she told News 2.

Curtis and her friend ducked down in the kitchen out of fear. That’s when two people entered her apartment through an unlocked back door.

“They didn’t say they were bounty hunters; they didn’t identify themselves,” Curtis said. “We were scared. We were terrified. I feel very violated.”

She said she heard a man’s voice, yelling, “Come out, come out, so we can see you or it is going to get violent!”

Curtis said she asked one of the bounty hunters, an armed man, for a card, but he said he gave them all away.

She told News 2 he said there is arrest paperwork for a suspect that he will give her but that he never actually gave her anything.

They were looking for a man named Cole Thompson, who Curtis said she knows but does not live in her apartment.

“My 4-year-old was crying. She was terrified,” the mother explained.

With her crying children and frayed nerves, Curtis and her friend left the apartment wanting to lock the doors, and the bounty hunters reportedly warned them not to.

“When I went to lock the door, they said if I locked my door, they [were] going to kick it down,” she told News 2.

The mother of three then returned a few minutes later and found her door kicked in, the frame shattered.

Her furniture was turned over and drawers were rifled through.

According to Murfreesboro police, the bounty hunters work for Ginger’s Family Bonding out of Centerville, Tennessee.

The police report indicates someone from the company called dispatch and told police they would be going to that apartment complex to look for a suspect.

When News 2 called Ginger’s Family Bonding, a woman on the phone denied knowledge of the incident. She said it is not company policy to kick in doors.

Can bonding agents do this? Bounty hunters do have a lot of latitude to catch “bond jumpers,” but they are not allowed to break into a third party home or kick in doors.

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