Central Magnet School in Murfreesboro has 41 valedictorians

Central Magnet School

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – The honor of valedictorian is a great achievement for any graduate and a school in Rutherford County has not one, but 41.

They’re all number one in their graduating class of 203 seniors at Central Magnet School.

“It’s an oddity, but we’re very proud of it,” said school Principal Dr. John Ash.

Dr. Ash told News 2 it wasn’t a surprise. They’ve known since last year that having so many valedictorians was a possibility.

The valedictorian usually gets a coveted speaking spot during graduation.

School leaders had to get creative to figure out how to fit in 41 of them during Sunday’s commencement ceremony at Middle Tennessee State University.

“We met several times and had discussion and debate about the best way to do it and pretty much we left it in their hands,” said Dr. Ash. “What they came up with is a montage that will be played while everyone is being seated. Each student got 30 seconds and a few students combined theirs to do things together but it was their time.”

Dr. Ash describes the group as “well-rounded,” students who have excelled not only academically, but also in athletics, drama, band and other extracurricular activities.

“It’s an exceptional group of young people. They’re close. They take care of each other and are proud of each other. It’s great to be around,” said Dr. Ash.

Some of the institutions the students will attend next year include Vanderbilt, Harvard, Duke universities and West Point.

This is the largest number of valedictorians the school has had.

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