Massachusetts police department warns against chasing bears with hatchet while drunk

Courtesy: Facebook/North Adams Police Department

NORTH ADAMS, Mass. (NEWS10) – The North Adams Police Department is urging residents not to chase bears through the woods with a dull hatchet, especially if they’ve been drinking.

It was in a quiet, remote North Adams neighborhood that a bear was spotted by a man living in an apartment complex. Police said he grabbed a hatchet out of his car and began chasing the bear.

Richard Winters was playing basketball with his fiancée Monday evening when he first heard screaming.

“We heard a bunch of screaming out by the field,” he said. “That’s when I looked over and there was bear running through the field.”

At that moment, police said his neighbor, 61-year-old Brad Carpenter, grabbed a dull hatchet out of his car and took off towards the bear yelling at it.

“Everybody was telling him to stay away,” Winters said.

But with kids practicing in a nearby baseball field, Carpenter pushed on.

“He was more concerned about keeping the bear away from the kids, kind of scaring it off,” Winters said.

After the bear made its way down the field, witnesses said they saw Carpenter chasing and yelling at it. He was forcing it away from the baseball field and the children.

Winters followed Carpenter to make sure he stayed safe.

“I wanted to go inside, but at the same time, I saw an old man walking over by himself, so I didn’t want something to happen to him,” he said.

Winters said the bear disappeared into the woods and paid no mind to Carpenter.

“He really didn’t seem too intimidated by the old man,” Winters said.

When police arrived, they said Carpenter was drunk. He was taken into police protective custody and later released.

Police and Winters are warning people to stay away from bears and leave them alone.

Courtesy: Facebook/North Adams Police Department
Courtesy: Facebook/North Adams Police Department

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