Man accused of biting owner, ramming car into liquor store

Gauttam Patel

MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – An accused liquor thief with expensive taste allegedly tried to stuff two half-gallons of vodka down his pants before being confronted by the store owner and biting him.

It happened at 96 Liquor & Wine on New Lascassas Pike in Murfreesboro .

The store owner, Gauttam Patel, told News 2 he was watching the suspect’s every move on a surveillance camera.

The suspect went right for Ciroc vodka, which is priced at just over $64 a bottle, and allegedly took two of them.

Liquor store thief May 12
Gauttam Patel’s arm where the suspect bit him

Patel told News 2 he seemed suspicious, walking right up to the bottles and “bending over” as if to put them in his pants.

“I said, ‘Man, whatever you’re doing back there, you just stop it and put it back, and we will be normal,'” Patel explained.

He said his suspicions were right. The man “couldn’t walk” because he had two half-gallons of the vodka in his pants.

Patel confronted the suspect and chased him out the door. Once outside, the two began to struggle next to the man’s car.

That’s when the suspect bit Patel in the arm. “Usually men don’t do that,” the store owner said with a laugh.

The suspect is then seen on surveillance video confusing his car’s brakes for the gas and ramming the front of the store before backing up and hitting a tree while fleeing.

Police later found the suspect’s vehicle, damage and all. Patel said he was able to pick the man out of a photo lineup.

Neither the suspect’s identity nor charges were immediately released.

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